What are chemicals?

Often times, consumers get freaked out by the word CHEMICALS. There’s a really big trend at the moment that focuses on “chemical free” products, but really, it’s not good advertising and I will explain to you why.

The word chemical is defined when two or more atoms and stuck together by a chemical bond, which creates a chemical. So when you think about it, water is actually a chemical. Plants are chemicals, as well as the air we breathe and the food we consume. They can be found in labs, yes, but also in nature. So whenever you see a product that says Chemical Free, it’s simply not true. All the ingredients that you will find on your labels are ALL chemicals.

So many times in the treatment room, when I recommend a chemical peel, clients may feel scared (and when you don’t know the exact definition, I guess the word seems harsh and aggressive) but then I explain to them that the reason why it’s called a chemical peel is because we are doing a chemical exfoliation (more about this type of exfoliation here.) and not a physical one.

So whenever you’re reading labels, stop focusing on the word chemical, but if the ingredients that you find are safe to use – and mostly that won’t sensitize or irritate your skin.

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