The important role of a preservative

Preservatives have had a rocky few decades, especially with the new trends of going “all green”. Well, I am here to tell you that preservatives hold a very important role in skincare products, and they are not at all harmful to have in there.

First thing to understand is that there are many TYPES of preservatives available on the market. Some are higher quality, other are cheaper to use, the matter to focus on is mostly WHICH type of preservative is used within the product, because without one, you are preventing any bacteria build up (for example mold) within the product. Having absolutely no preservative will insure that there will be a build up within a short period of time, and then you apply this on your skin? Yuck! Definitely NOT safe for your skin, as it can throw off your entire healthy bacteria, which can potentially cause skin irritation and other sub conditions that you may not have had prior to using this.

Another important point to understand, is to properly read your labels. Most of the times, the preservatives are way down the list, meaning that the concentration is very little. It’s safer to have a small percentage of preservative to keep the integrity, effectiveness and safeness of your product that have none at all. Same idea goes with using a very old jar of cream past it’s expiry date. You’re putting bacteria on your skin….is that actually safe for your microbiome (the skin’s healthy bacteria)? Not at all.

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