3 ways to protect your skin from the sun

Sun protection has become very important over the year – we are done with hours and hours of laying in the sun for the ultimate brown tan. Not to mention, the awareness of skin cancer and tripled over the last few decades. It’s crucial to wear SPF all your round, as it protects your skin from accelerated aging. There are three ways you can protect your skin:

    1. Chemical Protection: We all know this form of protection and it’s been used for a long time. The ol’ fashion sunscreen in the form of cream. It’s perfect to apply on the body (legs, arms, tummy, back, etc.) The only downfall with drugstore sunscreens is that many of them can be full of harsher chemicals, plus, re-applying this to your face full of makeup isn’t really ideal.. but for the body regions, no problem.
    2. Physical protection: Yes, it exists! Physical sunscreens will reflect the UV rays from the skin. This form of protection is mostly used for the face/chest area. It solves the issue of re-applying sun protection on a face full of makeup. Plus, if you sweat, this powder will stay on. It’s also great for those who are active and exercise regularly outside because of its quick application and the minerals won’t block your pores! Because it’s a pricey product, it’s not something you would put on your entire body. Keep it for your face, the creams can go on the rest.
    3. Wear a hat: wearing head gear can really protect your face contour, even better than sunscreen. Ideally, you wear both. Ultimately, the hat will block the rays completely from harming your scalp and forehead, where a lot of the times, this is the area where we may develop squamous cells, or worst basal cell carcinoma as we forget to put on sunscreen on these areas.
    4. Stay out of the sun: Ok, ok, this one may seem silly, but still. If you don’t want issues with skin cancer, dehydrated skin, accelerated aging skin, (should I go on?), excessive pigmentation, unwanted wrinkles, and much more, maybe you should think about the amount of time you lay outside IN the sun. Sure, it’s nice to have a sun-kissed skin, but self tanners can do that for you. We’re all human, we love the heat of the sun, but everything in moderation.

One thing that everyone should remember is that re-application is crucial. EVERY 2 HOURS. After that amount of time, the SPF expires and you’re no longer protected. This being said, here are our top 2 sun products that we absolutely love (they also work so well)!

1.ColoreScience Sunforgettable Mineral Protection (SPF30 & 50)

This powder is amazing. With a quick built-in brush application, it’s so easy to stay protected. Even if you’re running errands or a marathon! It comes in various shades of colours, but also transparent if you don’t want any. The active ingredients are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Dioxide.

Price: 70,50$

2. Guinot SunLogic Anti-Ag SPF30

This product has a broad spectrum so it protect against UVAs and UVBs. This is formulated specifically for the face, so it will not block the skin from breathing correctly.

Price: 60,00$


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