Okay so we are live!

Hello everyone. Happy evening I hope you guys had a lovely day. It is the end of my day and I wanted to jump on and share with you guys my ultimate two tips to diminish your breakouts.

So as you guys know me very well I’ve had bad acne when I was a kid, well not a kid but a teenager and you know, I know a thing or two about acne and I wanted to share my two tips that really helped any type of acne out there. So, ultimately speaking, there’s two types of acne. There’s inflamed and non inflamed. You have the inflamed one, which is really, in my opinion, the worst type. That would be pustules papules hormonal cysts. Those are really not fun. There’s a lot of inflammation they hurt, but you really don’t want to play with that. So when it does inflammation you have the non inflamed which would be the common docks. So open pore comedons or closed pore comedons. Those are the ones that look make your skin look very texturized. So those are the two types of acne that you’re going to have.

So the two tips that I’m going to give you to help any type of acne, it’s not going to solve everything but it’s going to help. You want to make sure you have hydration in your routine. You can’t only have things that are very stripping for the skin because otherwise what happens is that the moisture barrier is just going to crack, it’s going to let the irritants and the moisture is going to come out and you want to make sure that you keep the hydration up and running that is the base of the healthy skin. And when the skin’s moisture barrier is nice and balanced. You have less chances of having breakouts.

Okay. So you want to make sure you have hydration in your routine.

Number two, you want to make sure that you’re not over stripping the skin. And again, that happens when someone has the acne cleanser that actually moisturizer the acne serum is just too much for the skin. And that’s going to create a dead dry skin cell build up and it’s gonna block everything inside. Everything. Nothing’s going to come out of the Seebohm it’s not going to come out and naturally speaking the pores are kind of like a highway for your seen them to come out. So you want to make sure that that pore is nicely lubricated. So that the sebum can naturally come out. So hydration and don’t strip the skin. So if you want to combine those two tips together, I always start with cleansing. You want to make sure that your cleanser that you have is not something that’s going to strip the skin which is something that I see all the time.

So start with your cleanser, get a cleanser that is nicely hydrating and that won’t strip the skin. I really like to recommend the Lavaderm, the one that we have here. It’s a nice cleansing gel. It doesn’t strip the skin there’s no frosting or mousse action so it really makes sure that your moisture barrier is not restricted. So if you have any questions about acne, feel free to reach out. I’ve been through acne myself so I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve.

And hope you guys enjoyed this live for the week and I will see you very soon. Have a happy evening and we will chat soon!

If you have any further questions regarding your acne breakouts or if you need a treatment plan to control your acne, we are happy to help here at The Meta Esthétique Studio!


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